Backpacks for Brazil

For those that don't know, I will be studying abroad in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, this summer. During my time in Salvador, I also get to volunteer with several NGOs, one of which is called Escola Aberta. Escola Aberta is an inner-city elementary school, and our project this year is building a cafeteria for the students. The kids there lack some simple luxuries that we take for granted – something as simple as a backpack. Therefore, I'm starting Backpacks for Brazil, a "social media campaign for good." My goal is to get 100 backpacks donated in 21 days, and I'm going to need everyone's help!

Want to get involved? Here's what you can do:


Have a backpack that you don't use anymore? Drop it off at these spots: CLA and the Student Leadership Suite in BMC. You can also tweet, message, call, or email me! Whatever works. (Any type of backpack is welcomed, especially children's backpacks.


Share the photo below on Facebook (found here) and use the hashtag #BackpacksforBrazil on Twitter. Also, are you part of an organization that wants to help? Do you work for a company or business that's interested in donating? Let me know.

The goal is only 100 backpacks. This is UT. Let's see what we can do for the children of Escola Aberta. Hook'em Horns!

Check out this video of what UT students did for Escola Aberta last summer.