The New Appetite

I started The New Appetite in April of 2013 as a food and travel blog right before a trip to Brazil. Since then, it has grown into a collection of stories about me trying to figure out my place in the world, and I've written – very sporadically – about my travels, thoughts, and entrepreneurial journey. 

I’m grateful for the family, friends, and strangers who have followed my adventures along the way. Here’s to more self-discovery, inspiration, and kindness for the road ahead.


Nina Ho

Nina Ho

photo by Moyo Oyelola

photo by Moyo Oyelola

Hi! My name is Nina Ho. I love telling stories, solving interesting problem, and building community. I believe creative work is a privilege that should be accessible to all, and I'm passionate about promoting diversity in entrepreneurship, technology, and the arts. 

Currently, I'm juggling a lot of different buckets in my life. 

  • I run a company called collective blue, and support diverse creators (women, minorities, and immigrants) through digital storytelling and event production.
  • I freelance as a marketing consultant and content creator.
  • I volunteer with a non-profit called 3 Day Startup that teaches entrepreneurship education to university students around the world.
  • Lastly, I'm starting a Vietnamese catering company with my family called Lemongrass

If you’re interested in collaborating, please shoot me an email at! I like people. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram

More About Me . . .

I was born in Vietnam and moved to Houston when I was 5 years old. I currently live in Austin, TX, and feel very fortunate to be here. I studied at the University of Texas at Austin and earned bachelor degrees in Advertising and French Language and Literature with a minor in Portuguese and a Bridging Disciplines certificate in Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship.

My parents have been travel agents since before I was born, so I've been fortunate to have traveled a lot. (I blame my wanderlust on them.) I've also lived and studied abroad in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, and Paris, France, during my time in college. 

Top 10 Nina Facts . . .

1. My favorite person in the world is my little brother, Donny. I actually named him. 

2. I've been a basketball player for most of life and wanted to play college ball when I was younger. 

3. I speak 4 languages: English, Vietnamese, French, and Brazilian Portuguese.

4. I've been to every continent except Australia and Antarctica.

5. I've had blue and purple hair, respectively. 

6. My biggest vice in life is artisanal ice cream – specifically Goat Cheese, Honey & Thyme from Lick

7. I'm a huge proponent of the oxford comma.  

8. I dance hip hop, salsa, and swing. 

9. I'm the proud cat mama of two adorable cats named Rumi and Rogue. 

10. No matter how "successful" or "cool" I may seem to others, in my head I will forever be the misfit little girl who rocked basketball jerseys in elementary school and was always with a book in hand.